Norton-360-deluxe – product protects against malicious email attachments, phishing attacks, and spam, as well as malware. download and install security software that will protect your device from harmful viruses, malware, and online attacks. Norton is a corporate-friendly and reliable program that can run on any platform, be it Android, Windows, or iOS

The norton-360-deluxe suite is different from other Norton security software due to its PC maintenance as well as file backup capabilities. Multilevel, advanced security protects your device from threats from existing malware and incoming malware, and also protects your personal and financial information when you are online.

If your PC is so full of malware that Norton cannot clean it, then Norton’s bootable recovery tool can help. Place the downloadable software on a DVD or flash drive, and it will reboot the computer into a secure Linux environment for extensive cleaning.

How to download Norton –

• Login to your user account installed on Norton.
• Navigate to on the address bar.
• New users of Norton will have to create a new account.
• The new user has to enter all the information along with setting an email ID and a strong password.
• Now, select the Download option and click on the Download button.
• After clicking agree, tap on Next to continue the process.
• Click on the given option to send the download link.
• After entering your registered email in the specified area, click on the submit icon.
• Double click on your email app.
• Now click on the download option to complete the process.

How to Install Norton

  • Go to and choose Sign In.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Choose Sign in.
  • In the My Norton portal, select Download.
  • On the Start page, select Agree and Download.
  • Locate the file and run the installer.
  • If the “User Account Control” dialog box appears, select Continue.
  • Follow some on-screen instructions and complete the installation.

Note: If you have not created a Norton account, create an account, and complete the signup process.

How to activate Norton 360 with

Simple steps to activate

  • Start Norton.
  • In the main screen, click Activate Now.
  • Click Next.
  • In my service PIN field, type the PIN that has been provided to you by your service provider.
  • Click Activate.
  • Type your computer name and click Activate.
  • Activation Complete Closed! Window.
  • Click Finish. Your activity is successful.